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i am 24 years old girl whom very much love bout myself, my family and really appreciate all the moments of my life..n0t worry bout t0morrow..s0meone who likes the freed0m,beauty and education..Alhamdulillah, i graduated as a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering with Honours.if i have extended life and if there's a chance, i want to continue my study at a higher level..Insyallah..sumtimes im a emotional pers0n..ermmm...whats0ever..owh well..this is my life, When Heart's Say is my blog..;-)
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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

:: understanding beloved women ::

semalam dapat 1 email dari sorg teman..hurm atas tujuan pe xtau dia send kat haku ni..mebi nk suh paham then kot2 terkene atas btg idung sendiri yup's very agree yep..pompuan memg akan bagi 3 word tu..memg word femes abes lau g dating..'whatever..'anything'...'u decide'..hehe..aku biasa gune ayat whatever lol..sampai bebyboy kdg2 bengang..x pon word 'ntah' pomuan2 lau kluar g dating & maleh nk bersoal jawab..sile gune 3 word di bawah ni ek..kompem dia ketuk kepala ko...layanNnnNnnN

We don't understand Women : Their "Whatever" "Anything" OR "You Decide"