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i am 24 years old girl whom very much love bout myself, my family and really appreciate all the moments of my life..n0t worry bout t0morrow..s0meone who likes the freed0m,beauty and education..Alhamdulillah, i graduated as a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering with Honours.if i have extended life and if there's a chance, i want to continue my study at a higher level..Insyallah..sumtimes im a emotional pers0n..ermmm...whats0ever..owh well..this is my life, When Heart's Say is my blog..;-)
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

bile kami bergumbira

wikend yg best sesangat
ley kuar jenjalan & bergediks kat jB
kitaorng 1 bilik g jenjalan x hengat dunia
mula2 g air itam..memborong kerepek nk wt raye
(sape paling banyak???aku lew..sampei rm 65 hengget)
pastu trus g jB
shopin' kt jusco tebrau..
melepak di danga bay..sampei sahur
g pandan city..uptown sane membg best tp agak padat lew all memg bez kenkawan
len kali kite bergedik lagi k..