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i am 24 years old girl whom very much love bout myself, my family and really appreciate all the moments of my life..n0t worry bout t0morrow..s0meone who likes the freed0m,beauty and education..Alhamdulillah, i graduated as a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering with Honours.if i have extended life and if there's a chance, i want to continue my study at a higher level..Insyallah..sumtimes im a emotional pers0n..ermmm...whats0ever..owh well..this is my life, When Heart's Say is my blog..;-)
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

~hEp mE~..gawAt sey

biLE duit mau mAsyuk!!!
huhu...kami udAh kekeringAn..kebasahan niE...hep me...
wep..ptptn x keCian kt ak ker hah..
dh la lambat masyuk..makan megi jer aku..
2 mgu paS da mintak ng my mom 2rat..
laS wik pon mtk beLAs kasehan dr abg ak..
dpt La 150 senYAp sudAe..Xgtau mOm aku..
huarGh..canE mao shopin' niE...
skunk niE nk makan bEs2 pon pk 2x..Woi x cian kt ak Ker???
mom...Cian la Kt anakandA mu ini...
tgk Kak nuRul ciap wt paRty megi lg ni ha..
aper igt syok ker?
*but i likE sumtimes mkn ceNggini*